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ubeegol double switch faucet kitchen faucet Extendable kitchen faucet with shower
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Product Overview

UPC: 714394998231


✔Kitchen faucet with double control. A quick switch to quickly open and close the flow of water without having to operate the handle.
✔Extractable showerhead for easy rinsing and easy filling of large pots. Brass shower head flows water without chemical odor.
✔High spout and 360 ° rotatable design, suitable for single and double sinks.
✔Faucet body bottleneck design, no corner, do not hide dirt.
✔Bubble water, avoid noise, do not splash, save 30% water.
✔Made of H59A brass and chrome plated, healthy and durable.
✔Sedal Ceramic Cartridge, prevents leakage effectively, tested 500,000 times.
✔2 x 50 cm connection hoses, heat resistant, no chemical smell.

Warm Tips: The brass retractable shower head is quick heat conduction, please note the water temperature for scald protection.


Overall height: 36.2 cm (14.25 ")
Height of the water spout: 25,5 cm (10,04 ")
Length of water spout: 20.5 cm (8.07 ")
Mounting hole: Φ32 mm ~ 35 mm
Maximum worktop thickness: 40 mm
Connection: G3 / 8